The label - the most important messaging board

The label - the most important messaging board

2023. 04. 04.

Centurio Szőlőbirtok has recently launched 1,84 Fehér, that is the cellar’s only white wine from the 2022 vintage.Let’s have a closer look at the label ( even better to taste it too)

First of all some details about the wine: 2022 was a very dry year, as a result of the drought the harvested quantity was significantly lower than the previous years though the quality was very good, somewhat compensating the growers.

In contrast to the earlier vintages, Centurio has not made varietal, single vineyard selected whites, instead selected and assembled the ripest and most concentrated lots from the 'white' part of the approx. 3.5-hectare estate, i.e. the grapes only came from the 1.84-hectare area, as displayed on the label. Welschriesling, pinot gris, muscat blanc à petits grains, zenit and hárslevelű make up the assemblage.Due to these circumstances, Centurio has created the estate's premium marriage and thus began repositioning the white side of the product pyramid.But this little paper is not about wine and the future strategy of the estate, but about the appearance of the new bottle.

Fact No1: most producers - excluding the personal contacts - can communicate with the customer only and exclusively through their labels.In light of this, it is no exaggeration to state that the appearance of the bottle, the design and the information content have critical importance.

The label of the 1.84 is able to immediately catch the eye and immediately lead to one of the most important 'selling points', in medias res it conveys the first impression i.e. it is definitely a small-batch product. One can say that the number and its underlying meaning are primarily a calling word for those customers who are already familiar with the wine market and the cellar, but the name tuned to two decimals can also arouse the curiosity of customers who are not familiar with Centurio. The usage of colors also catches the eye: on the elegant off-white background and between the monochrome inscriptions, the restrained purple numbers practically light up.(The red/red inscription could be even better, but these colors are reserved to the red varieties).

Apart from the eye-catching entrance, what else offers the label beyond the already mentioned small-batch perception: only the base of the stories of the wine hidden in the bottle as well as the starting point of the vintage's story.Along the 1.84, you can talk about the estate, its size, the varieties, the location of the vineyards, the vintage and the winemaker's decisions regarding the vintage.It is not possible to overrate the role and the importance of the stories that are self-identifying, entertaining and informative thus, at the same time are able to influence customers' decisions

. In addition to the eye-catching inscription, the producer's name, or if you prefer, the producer's brand, elegantly dominates the label: its appearance, design and colour usage orientate the customer about the origin of the wine. Let us not be shy: our main goal is to persuade the customers to make a decision based on the producer's name. 'I know him, I trust the work going on here, I want to buy wine from this cellar, regardless of the vintage, regardless of the inevitable minor or somewhat bigger changes.'

The third element, which is also prominent on the label, is the designation of the origin (i.e. the region), in our case the display of Mátra.Within the framework of this post, I do not want to deal with the inclusion of the region's name, its value-enhancing effect or its effect on consumer decisions, but it is worth noting that Centurio wines are both nationally known and are becoming more and more well-known on the export markets too, consequently the place of origin also receives significant boost.

Finally, the only factor that slightly shadows the overall picture: the amount of information on the label is a bit high, but without using of back label, and considering that the wines are also available abroad, the English translation is also necessary, so the label only contains the mandatory elements. The label - the most important messaging board