In the nose

Expressive quince and peachy perfume-like aroma dominates the nose underpinned by rich layers of waxy, powdery and zesty notes.

On the palate

Warming subtle fruity scents of intensive quince, followed with citrusy and yellow apple hints. Mouthful and long bone dry finish deliver outstanding adventure.

Masters' special advice

Perfect mate when you need something powerful and unique. Enjoy!



Our quince garden, Jánoshalma

Varietal Mix

Vranja, Leskovac, Mezőturi, and two others

Harvest Detail

Picked: 14th October, 2017

Bottling Detail

Alcohol 48 %

Fruit production

2017 was a difficult year with heatwaves and storms, exacerbated by droughty summer. The mid-season difficulties were partly offset by the favorable weather circumstances during both the flowering time and the early autumn period. Fruits were harvested at different Brix levels, between 13 and 17. Nonetheless the hot periods in July and mainly in August made the fruits fairly lean, starchy but powerful in character, enhancing the citrusy, waxy and vegetal notes.

Fruit process and mashing

Following the harvest the fruit is immediately transported to the distillery, where it is washed, hand selected and mashed. The perfect mashing was supported by macerating enzyme, while the fermentation process was initiated by the introduction of cultivated yeasts. Since the fruit was picked at perfect ripeness, additional acidification was not employed. The 9-day fermentation was helped by nutrient addition.

The Spirit

Distillation was executed by Koethe distillers at Szigetköz Lelke Pálinkaház. The final spirit was then put into a steel tank at 82-84-alcohol degree, where it rested for an unusually long period, until late August when it was gradually watered to 50+-alcohol level. Following a subsequent but shorter resting session, the final strength of this quince pálinka was selected in a blind tasting session, from differently watered spirits between 40 and 50 + degree. The ultimate blind tasting revealed that the spirit, due to its extremely powerful extracts, works best at 48 alcohol degree. The pálinka further rested until October when the entire batch was bottled. The last resting in bottled state lasted until February 2019, when the product was launched on the market.

Our terroir, our orchard - the uniqueness of our quince garden

Felső-Bácska (Upper Bácska) in the mid-southern part of Hungary is historically an important fruit producing region, with premium classification. The Jánoshalma sub region especially enjoys the favorable effects of the continental climate, on average it reaches 2000/2200 sunshine hours with the annual average temperature being around 10-12 C.

Though the annual rainfall, in the range of 550/750 mm is sometimes below the necessary water supply, the garden itself is situated in a lower altitude, higher moisture content area, satisfying the quince productions yearly demand.

The topsoil is black and brown arable land with high nutrient content, while the mineral rich calcareous subsoil ensures the necessary acidity vital for the fresh and crisp fruits with concentrated aroma and taste profile.

In order to achieve the most aroma possible and taste profile, the garden contents five subvarieties of quince, including mainly Vranja, responsible for the backbone of our quince pálinka.

The choice of subvarieties also reflects our belief, that the elegance of pear quince and the body and power of apple quince underpin the complexity of quince pálinka.

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